Üretim Reform Paketi TBMM’de Kabul Edildi

Draft Law on the Amendment of Some Laws and Decrees on the Promotion of Industrial Development and Production Supported by the Parliament General Assembly.

According to the law, industrial enterprises will be obliged to receive weekly working permits from municipalities in order to work on weekly holidays. The industrialist definition in the Industrial Register Law is restructured and the enterprises that produce information technology and software are included in this law.
A pre-registration system is introduced to inform newly established industrial enterprises of their obligations before they start their production and production activities.
Industrial establishments will pre-register in the industrial register, which will be registered in the industrial register to be kept in the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and before starting production activity. The registration procedures will be in electronic environment, and the obligation to send bylaws or postal mailings will be removed.
The administrative fines given for those who do not register in the industrial registry shall be cut to the industrial enterprises which are found to be not registered in the industrial register.
Administrative fines shall be imposed on those who do not register in the industrial register, regardless of whether they are active or not, and who have not registered in the industrial register within one year from the date of entry into force of the regulation and who have not registered by this date.
Administrative fines will not be applied to those who do not make changes in the enterprise, disclosures to be given and annual business statements, within the period prior to the date on which the regulation enters into force.
 Exemption from Taxes
In order to reduce the investment cost of the enterprises in the industrial zones, free zones, industrial zones, technology development zones and industrial sites,

Stamp tax shall not be collected from the contracts and contracts related to the allocation of the founders.
In addition, due to the harvest of the landowners in these areas, the procedures required for the shah, the transfer and registration of the land allocated to the land and the buildings allocated on the basis of the buildings built on it, the genre change procedures of the buildings built on this land will be exempted from the fees.
Businesses in these areas will be exempt from property tax.

Temporary temporary exemptions of similar nature, which are included in the law, shall be abolished because the permanent industrial estate, free zones, industrial zones and industrial sites are exempted from permanent property tax.
 Age of employment in higher education institutions

The Council of Higher Education (YÖK) will work on the specialization of universities and decide on this issue.
Those who have benefited from staying in their posts in the departments and programs determined by the higher education institutions as of the date of the contract by the date of the contract and the retirement or old-age pension until the age of 75 years from the date of filling the age limits of retirement with the approval of YÖK Be contracted for a period of one year. Insurance or associate relationship will continue based on previous positions.
The prohibitions, duties and responsibilities to which instructors are subject and disciplinary provisions shall apply to those who are employed in this way. The procedures and principles regarding the application will be determined by YOK upon the approval of the Ministry of Finance.

For each student who is enrolled in the vocational colleges established in the organized industrial zones, education support will be given from the appropriation allocated to the YÖK budget for this purpose.
Scholarships will be given to the students who will be assigned to the thesis graduate and doctoral programs to be assigned within the scope of the project, in the amounts to be determined without being subject to the provisions of the Law on Granting and Loaning of Higher Education Students.

With the law, arrangements were made regarding the rights of the members of the academicians and MPs to work in the universities after the members of the parliament.
 Cappadocia in Nevşehir, Ostim Teknik in Ankara and Ankara Fine Arts universities will be established.
According to the Law on the Amendment of Some Laws and Decree Laws for the Promotion of Industry and Production Supported in the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly, cooperation with the public and private sectors in relation to higher education institutions, R & D and innovation, produced knowledge, Within the scope of protection and transfer to the application of technology transfer office in the status of the capital company will be able to establish.
The office's founding capital may be met from scientific research project sources or revolving fund revenues. Officers, workers and foreign nationals will be able to be employed.
The provisions of the State Procurement Law will not apply to the offices and their activities.

The members of the faculty who actually work for 6 years at state universities will be given paid leave for 1 year to work in the field of R & D related to their field both domestically and abroad. These persons may receive paid leave for a second time but will work in a state higher education institution for a minimum of 6 years from the date of the end of the leave.
In the application and research centers of the state universities, only in R & D activities in the research institute or in order to help the projects under R & D carried out by the teaching members, with a doctorate, dentistry, pharmacy and veterinary medicine or in the field of veterinary medicine, A post-doctoral researcher will be employed under contract for more than 3 years.
 Higher Education Quality Council

The Higher Education Quality Assurance System will include the principles related to the internal and external quality assurance, accreditation processes of the education and research activities and administration services of higher education institutions and the authorization processes of independent external evaluation institutions.
Higher Education Quality Board with administrative and financial autonomy, public legal personality and special budget will be established.
The committee will carry out internal and external quality assurance, accreditation processes and the authorization of independent external evaluation bodies to make assessments in accordance with national and international quality standards for the quality levels of education and research activities and administrative services of higher education institutions.
The Higher Education Quality Board will be composed of 13 members. The 3 rd, the Ministry of National Education, the Vocational Qualifications Authority, the Turkish Accreditation Authority, the TÜBİTAK, the Turkish Health Institutes Presidency, the TOBB and the students

One person will take part.
The Advisory Board on Higher Education Programs will propose policies for employment-oriented policies in the field of higher education, which will be developed, related to the new training programs to be opened, and processes for planning quotas.

Vocational Schools Coordination Board, Vocational High Schools and the establishment of standards for programs, the development of existing programs, monitoring, graduation employment and the completion of the views and suggestions about the completion process will be found.
The Higher Education Council (YÖK) has decided to require state universities undergraduate and graduate students of science and engineering science to complete their studies in one semester in private sector enterprises, technoparks, research infrastructures, R & D centers or industrial establishments with practical training in the last year, Institutions or specific faculties or departments and programs.
35 percent of the net amount of the minimum wage will be paid to the students during their practical training.

New universities are being established, university names are changing
İlke Education and Health Foundation in Nevsehir Cappadocia University, Middle East Industry and Trade Center Research and Development Education and Consultation Foundation Ostim Technical University and Ankara Fine Arts University will be established in Ankara.
Also the names of some universities will be changed. The name of the Centenary College Centenary of Van University, the name of Acibadem University Acibadem Mehmet Ali Aydınlar University, Omar Halisdemir University of name Nigde Omar

Halisdemir University, İstanbul name of Kemerburgaz University Altınbaş University, the name of the Antalya International University will be in Antalya Science University.
 Bandroll rates

The Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) Revenue Law is also being amended.
Administrative fines for the sale of non-bandrolled devices will be reduced to twice the price of the bandrol, and administrative fines suspended for those who buy the devices will be removed.
In the other devices mentioned in the law, the "Cabinet, computers and tablet computers, vehicles, satellite receivers and set-top media boxes" are individually listed, and the rate of the bandol is listed in order to clarify the application made by the decision of the Council of Ministers.

According to this, bander rates; 6 percent for mobile phones, 2 percent for computer and tablet computers, 0 percent for land vehicles, 0 percent for VAT on sales tax on VAT on sales invoice for imports, 0,01 percent for vehicles, 10 percent for television receivers designed to connect to a video image or screen, and 10 percent for any device that is capable of receiving audio and visual broadcasts.
In order to reduce the cost burden of the enterprises registered to the industrial register, TRT share will not be taken from generation oriented electricity usage.
Taking and changing decisions on spatial strategy, environmental scheme and 1 / 25.000 scale master planning plans, OIZ, industrial zone, industrial site and technology development zone will be subject to the approval of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

In sales of forest products based on wood; The Council of Ministers will be authorized to determine the forestation fund collected from the buyers up to 3 per cent of the sales price and the forest villages development fund collection collected 3 per cent of these sales by zero or exceed 3 per cent.

Theoretical and practical courses determined in the Vocational Education Law in every level in the higher education institutions whose definition of "internship" will be changed will not be counted as an internship.
The internship fee will be paid to the students who do internship in the higher education institutions.
Trabzon and Zonguldak health, industrial areas

In Trabzon and Zonguldak, with the decision of the Council of Ministers, The health zones will be established in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the public interest decision to be taken by the Council of Ministers, except for the healthcare facilities covered by the Private Industrial Hospitals Act and the industrial zone using the best available techniques.
The bid will be sent to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism together with the opinion of the governor, submitted to the governor of the relevant administration to fill or dry in the coastal filling areas. The Ministry will examine the proposal by taking the views of the related institutions. If it is found appropriate, the implementation plan will be prepared by the relevant administration.
The provisions of the Zoning Law will be applied for the plans to be made for these places, but the plans in the areas covered by the Tourism Encouragement Law and Industrial Zones Law will be approved according to the laws. Filling and drying shall be carried out according to the provisions of the applicable legislation.
This will be under the government's provisions and savings, private property issue will not be.
 KOSGEB fees

The Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Development and Support Administration (KOSGEB) will make early payments in line with the procedures and principles set out for the support to the said enterprises; to be utilized in the design process of policy support and the services offered through fast, simplified, low-cost way to ensure the fulfillment of public institutions and organizations with real and legal persons, businesses and all kinds of information and to receive data relating to these matters belongs to the entrepreneurs, to analyze.
The amount of contributions deposited into KOSGEB accounts will be based on annual net income. Proofful documents regarding the determination of the amounts paid shall be sent to KOSGEB by the relevant institutions and organizations.

Administrative fines of up to 10 thousand liras will be imposed on those who do not send proof documents on time.
Under the privatization scope and program, the organizations joined to the repealed employee or resignation, retirement, those who leave for reasons such as termination and death of his employment contract, that the payment itself before leaving, but union membership dues and interest paid by the organizations that recourse to these people.
 Regulations on OSB

In case OSB decision of place choice, any institution in the committee, the organization's negative opinion and voting union can not be provided, the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology will give its final decision.
In the case of possession of the Treasury or public institutions and institutions within the scope of OIZ, these shall be handed over free of charge in the scope of the laws concerning the investment and promotion of employment. In other provinces, they will be sold to OSBs in installments or installments based on their core values.

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization or the relevant municipality will make the planning of areas outside the boundaries of OSB within one year at the latest after the selection of the site is finalized.
The choice of location is greater in the finalization area, city, town, village municipalities, TOBB established according to the law chambers of industry or commerce and industry chambers, he or chambers of commerce, the province of private management or investment monitoring and no municipal boundaries of the area in coordination with the presidential representatives The provincial municipality, the district municipalities and the districts in these districts may take part in the

OSB establishment in view of the appropriate opinion of the governor.
Legal personality winners of OSB, starting expropriation process within 6 months from the date of establishment that can not be reconciled within 2 years fixed for all parcels and registered the case open or all parcels to lawsuits as a result of redemption of the legal entity of the organized industrial zones, which may be the left initiated ex officio liquidation process.
Parliamentary General Assembly Improving adopted Industrial and Manufacturing Supporting according to the Law on the order of Certain Laws and KhK in Amendment Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) behalf will do the expropriation administration, securities will be established pursuant to the expropriation law, appreciated and most of the organized industrial zone in the reconciliation commission He will ask for a few members to be appointed. In the event that the appointment is not made during the period to be recognized, the relevant administration will choose the members of the commission from their own area.
Organized Industrial Zone is changing the structure of the entrepreneur delegation.

According to this, the entrepreneur delegation will be composed of 15 principal and 15 substitute members to be determined among the decision-making bodies of the institutions and organizations participating in the establishment of the OIZ and among its members or members. Entrants in entrepreneurial committee will be elected for 4 years except for the governor, and their memberships will be reduced when their posts in the institutions and organizations they represent represent an end. Those who work in OSB organs will not be able to take positions in organs of OSB except governor.
Water, electricity and natural gas incomes of OSB will not be seized and can not be used except for purpose. The OSB will not be able to receive donations from participants about services that are obliged to give.
Participants injunction granted by the courts on bankruptcy and the decision to postpone, electric power pursuant to this Article participants OSB, water, gas fulfillment of their debt to stop the tracking and collection, to create barriers to the fulfillment of its obligations.
Lending to OIZs

Loan interest support will be provided to the OIZs for loans that are required for their activities and that are approved by the ministry, and for loans used by financial institutions.
The right to repurchase the facilities in the case of notarized undertaking issuance of notifications to the entrepreneurs in the OIZs, the payment of the entire allocation fee by the participant, the issuance of the guarantee letter for the debt remaining from the allocation fee, the other investments to be made by the OSB, The right of withdrawal will be given to the people who have not made production before the establishment of the establishment.
If the participant does not pass through production within the period specified in the regulation and if the end of the loan agreement is completed, the amount obtained by updating the total amount paid for the allocation according to the revaluation rates for the years after the allocation date to the relevant bank account
Subsequently, the parcel will be registered in the name of OSB.
 A participant can make production

Except for service and support areas, each participant or participant's tenant may make production in each parcel in the OIZs. Judges and affiliated companies defined in the Turkish Commercial Code shall be exempt from this provision.
OSBs will have the right to establish and operate electricity generation facilities in their own OSB area, without having to establish a separate company with the permission of the Ministry. Participants in OSB will get OSB permission to install and operate electricity generation facilities.

Organizations involved in the OIZ will meet the infrastructure needs from the OIZ's facilities. Without the OSB's permission, infrastructure needs can not be met elsewhere, and no single facility will be built.
OSB legal entity will be exempt from all kinds of taxes, duties and fees in the transactions related to the application of this law.
Regulations on energy costs of OIZ participants will be made by the Council of Ministers without interfering with the prices generated by free market conditions. The municipalities that operate the wastewater treatment plant will not receive municipal waste water.

All kinds of documents and information will be presented
The members of the OIZ and Organized Industrial Zone Upper Organization (OSBÜK) members and staff shall submit documents, books, records and information in case of demand by the Ministry and shall furnish the documents in money and money form, Will help to count and inspect the written information requests.
OSB and OSBÜK organ members and staff will be responsible for damages caused by their own faults. Such persons shall be punished as civil servants for the offenses they commit on documents and bills of money and money, balance sheets, minutes, reports, books and documents.
Suspended temporarily
The OSB establishment protocol will be prepared by the institutions or organizations participating in the formation of the OIZ and will be approved by the Ministry.
The Ministry will be authorized to check all kinds of accounts and transactions of OIZs and OSBÜK and to take precautions when it deems necessary or in case of complaint.
The Ombudsperson and the OSBÜK organ members, who are investigating their rights due to their accusations related to their duties, may be temporarily suspended from duty until up to 3 months. The decision of dismissal from the court until
the outcome of the trial can be demanded.

Personnel who are removed from duty will return to their jobs to complete their remaining term of office if the Ministry does not have a place to prosecute them or if their convictions are not decided.
OSBÜK will provide cooperation and cooperation between the OSBs, provide cooperation, provide solidarity, take initiatives in the institutions and organizations to solve the problems of OIZs and provide the coordination between the Ministry and OIZs and fulfill the tasks given to the Ministry.
 To be allocated free of charge

The parcels in the OIZs in provinces and districts determined by the decision of the Council of Ministers may be allocated totally or partially free of charge.
Unallocated parcels in the OIZ using the Ministry loan can be allocated totally or partially free of charge to real or legal entities that enter into investments for employment of at least 10 persons. In this case, the value of the allocated parcel will be deducted from the loan repayment given to the OIZ by the Ministry.

Payments will be stopped for the parcel allocated to the real and legal persons before the date on which the regulator will enter into force, and the remaining amount will be deducted from the loan repayment given to the OIZ by the Ministry.
Free or partial parcel bene fi ts may be made to real or legal entities who enter into investments that do not use the Ministry loan or pay borrowers for at least 10 persons from the OIZs. In this case, the allocated parcel fee will be paid from the appropriation to be set as the legal entity of the OIZ to the budget of the Ministry.

If it is determined that the investor does not comply with the determined conditions or does not complete the investment within the foreseen period except for reasons of cooperation, the parcel deposit will be canceled. In this case, all the structures and facilities on the property will be transferred to the legal entity of the OSB without any compensation or compensation.

 OSB can be installed abroad
If the decision is taken by the authorized bodies of the OSB legal entities or the companies established in Turkey, the establishment of the OSB abroad, the partnership with the established ones and the operation of these OSBs will be allowed by the Council of Ministers.

OSBs, management and share majority will be able to establish real estate investment trusts on condition that they are to be legal entity of OSB and operate in these regions.
The areas where the industrial plants built according to the Mer'i plan are located can be evaluated as OIZs if applicants made within one year from the date on which the regulation enters into force are deemed appropriate by the governorship.
Two years will be granted for OIZs that have acquired legal personality before the date on which the regulation enters into force and have not acquired any immovable property, and to open a registration and registration case against parcels that have not started their expropriation process and can not be reached.

Editing by OSB remaining in the area selected as the OSB before entering into force if it is determined that remained empty by investing in real estate held to cycle participants, receive the construction license real estate financial green or for the transfer of immovable property investors deemed appropriate by the ASD will be given one year from the effective date.
not be transferred to an investor will see immovable OSB appropriate during this period, the receipt of construction permits, in cases where not to go into production within two years from the date of construction permits obtained the construction permit, the total amount paid for the allocation, obtained by updating the allocation date according to the revaluation rate for next year Will be registered in the name of the OSB after the deposit of the amount into the bank account of interest.

This arrangement of the remaining real estate within the area selected as OSB, where Maliki before the date of entry into force and by investing on an empty state contain the real financial green, building licenses for the taking or transfer of immovable property investors deemed appropriate by the OSB from the effective date will be recognized for one year.
not be transferred to an investor will see immovable OSB appropriate during this period, the receipt of construction permits, and construction permits taken from the date of construction permits immovable in cases not begin production within two years, to be acquired through expropriation.

 The expropriation of the expropriated property shall be made
Immovables in both areas and immovables acquired through expropriation will primarily be allocated to medium high and high technology investments. If more than one investor requests allocation for the same parcel, the technology concentration, investment amount and employment rate will be given priority, and in case of equality, the lottery method will be applied.

The Ministry may credit the portion of the land acquisition costs that will arise if the OIZ asks for it.
In cases where the creditors of the organization said the property immovable before the effective date can not be sold inability or lease within two years, ASD's application will be determined by the court concerned on expert real estate prices, which are determined by the ingenuity, account creditors institutions to be registered hospitalized real estate on behalf of the OSB.
Natural gas distribution companies will be able to perform distribution activities in organized industrial zones by making network and connection investments for organized zones and industrial zones and organize industrial zones.
 Supported by
Mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology departments of higher education institutions will be included in the scope of support in technology development regions.
have at least a bachelor's degree in basic sciences R & D personnel employing Technology Development Zone companies, the gross monthly amount of much of the rest of the minimum wage applied to the staff of the monthly fee paid to each of those years, two years for Science, Industry and Technology Ministry for the appropriation to be included in the budget It will be met.
Such support will not exceed 10 percent of the total number of personnel employed by the Technology Development Zone firm in the relevant month. This support will be applied to R & D personnel graduated from basic science graduates who are employed in the management companies of the Technology Development Zones.

By law, the Council of Ministers is authorized to make regulations aimed at harmonizing the provision of income exemption implemented in Technology Development Zones with international standards in terms of gains from intangible rights. Thus, the legislation for encouraging the implementation of activities aimed at generating high added value in the country could be further elaborated.
According to the Law on the Amendment of Some Laws and Decree Laws for the Promotion of Industry and Production Supported in General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly, regulations on compliance with EU legislation on energy efficiency are being made.

The law includes the prohibition of supply to the market within the scope of the Law on the Preparation and Implementation of Technical Legislation on Products, or the confiscation of a product from the market, which do not comply with EU energy efficiency criteria.

If it is determined that the product is unsafe as a result of the inspection made,
Prohibition of supply to the market, collection of supplies, partial or complete elimination, information about the risks involved in the products.
If the producer sees this announcement inadequate, it will announce it in two newspapers distributed throughout the country and on two television channels broadcasting it, and will announce it to the people at risk.
The effect of products which are insecure by the competent authority or unsuitable for technical regulation, is shortly removed. Thus, for producers, any adverse effects and unfair competition conditions are prevented.
 Administrative fines

As a result of market surveillance and supervision activities, various administrative fines ranging from 4 thousand to 250 thousand liras are brought for products determined to be inappropriate.
By law, middle and high-tech domestic products with a price advantage of 15 percent by providing the public institutions in this issue is intended to prevent different applications. In addition, the price of 15 percent in favor of tenderers who offer domestic software products are required to provide a price advantage.
Industry zones can be established

The law reorganizes the purpose of the Industrial Zones Act.
The establishment of industrial zones, management and principles governing the law on the run, Industrial Zones Coordinating Board's formation, the industry of the establishment, classified, investment permit process, but includes incentives and manage the company's functions and powers of determining provisions.
The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology may propose the establishment of industrial zones by requesting the institutions or organizations or the managing company to apply in person or in person.
Where it is established on the basis of the proposal of the Ministry, the establishment of industrial zones by the Council of Ministers may be allowed. The land in the declared industrial zone will be expropriated and registered in the name of the Treasury, the Ministry of Finance will allocate it to the Ministry for use as an industrial zone.
Local and foreign real and legal entities wishing to invest in industrial areas shall be subject to preliminary placement on the application to the Ministry. However, investors who will take part in the industrial zones where infrastructure costs are covered by the managing company will apply to the managing company for the preliminary flooring. Within the framework of the regulations issued in the Regulation, the preliminary floor plan shall be made by the investor determined by the managing company.

from activities subject to the EIA legislation "EIA Positive" decision or "EIA Not Required" permissions on activities are considered investment given the decision of investors who apply before giving approvals and licenses, the amount of the deposit within the specified rate per thousand of fixed investment amount will use the investment to exceed five special The investor in the industry will not pay.
The development plans, infrastructure and superstructure projects to be prepared by the managing company or investor, the licenses and permits related thereto, and the licenses for opening and operating the business shall be subject to the approval and supervision of the Ministry.

All other necessary licenses, permits and approvals will be given within 15 days without any further action by the relevant institutions on the activities for which the "EIA Positive" decision or "EIA Not Required" decision is given.
Municipal wastewater will not be taken from the industrial zones that operate the wastewater treatment plant.
 Special industrial zones

By law, private industrial zones are also being established.
Accordingly, on the installation of industrial plants, land area greater than 150 thousand square meters, at the time it was established that the current zoning plan in accordance with the necessary permits taking operational and which provides a minimum of 50 thousand square meters expansion of investment in a new place will be areas or on board industrial plants without, 200 thousand square meters of large areas, the Council of Ministers will be declared as a special industrial region.

In the areas that will be declared as private industrial zone, the period of realization will be 5 years later and a new investment commitment of at least 400 million liras will be required, provided that it is updated according to the determined revaluation rate.
Applicants natural or legal persons, the proposed area of ​​at least 51 percent of the property or if you have time to have the permit or use the easement with limited, for new investments "EIA Positive" decisions or "No EIA" in terms of having taken the decision to be searched.

To be sold or rentable
The land in the property of the applicant, which is within the boundaries of the area declared as a special industrial zone, may be sold in parcels or by operating buildings, may be rented.
If the investment is not realized within the given 5-year commitment period, the reasons for the delay will be evaluated by the assembly, and if necessary, this period may be extended for one year only for one time.
If the commitment does not take place within the additional time given, it may be decided to remove the private industrial zone.
 Managing company

Local governments, banks and financial institutions, local and foreign private legal entities engaged in industrial activities in the region, related foundations, cooperatives and associations, related public institutions and exporters' unions, founder Or it may be common later. Foreign private legal entities may join the managing company.
The industrial zones declared before the date of entry into force of the Act shall be made compatible with the provisions determined within one year at the latest. The operational directorates of the existing industrial zones will continue to function until the date established by the managing company.

By law, the Ministry of Science Industry and Technology; Extension of credit coverage to organized industrial zones and industrial sites, and relocation of industrial sites remaining in residential areas are being reorganized.
Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments; To develop public and private sector business association models in order to ensure the construction and operation of transportation infrastructure, including projects completed and continuing by public institutions and organizations, private sector or legal entities, and to make negotiations with private sector real and legal persons when deemed necessary, Determine, rent, lease, operate, provide private sector participation.

Thus, the connection with the railways of ports, shelters, coastal structures, airports, industrial sites, factories, refineries, industrial facilities, organized industrial zones, industrial zones, technology development zones, mining quarries, logistic villages or bases, industrial establishments and similar facilities .
In workplaces with less than 50 employees and in a less dangerous class; Occupational health and safety services (excluding entry to work, periodic examinations and examinations) may be conducted by employers or employer representatives. Workplaces with fewer than 50 employees and those in less dangerous classrooms will be able to receive services from family physicians and public health service providers, such as workplaces with fewer than 10 employees, and will have the authority to issue regulations.

The provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Law, "occupational health and safety services" and "support for occupational health and safety services" shall enter into force on 1 July 2020 instead of 1 July 2017.
Organized industrial zones, which are regulated by the Ministry of Science and Industry and Technology, fulfill the breeding conditions set by the remediation commission and will not be able to apply for distribution licenses until the end of the period of transfer of operating rights in the regions in which they are located.
The ownership of the distribution facilities established by the industrial zones converted by the reclamation organize, transferred free of charge or at symbolic price shall be transferred to the organizing industrial zone free of charge or symbolic at the end of the period of the transfer contract.
By law, 5, Higher Education Quality Board 15, Ankara Fine Arts University, 570 staff will be created.